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The ultimate neck conditioning resource for combat sports athletes and martial artists

Neck Strength Masterclass 
is the definitive guide to training the neck to withstand the rigours of combat sports and martial arts.

This course takes an in-depth look at the mechanics of the neck and how it is used in a combat sports settings.  It examines and improves upon current neck conditioning practices, and demonstrates innovative combat-specific exercises that will enable the student to improve performance whilst reducing the risk of neck-related injuries.

Much of the neck strength work done by combat sports athletes is confused, haphazard, and "old school". While sports science and modern strength and conditioning methods are gradually becoming more commonplace in fighters' training schedules, this approach doesn't - by and large - seem to have made it as far as neck strength work.

At the same time, much of the neck rehabilitation exercise that we've seen prescribed by physiotherapists and sports rehab specialists is massively under-loaded compared to the demands placed upon the neck in sport. Doing basic neck mobility work and chin tucks on their own will never, ever be enough.

We decided that if we couldn't find a complete answer to this problem, we'd create our own. We've collected some of the best ideas about neck strengthening that we've seen, adapted others, and developed a few of my own.  Along the way, we've worked with many grapplers, wrestlers, boxers, MMA fighters and a few rugby players with neck pain in our clinic. The injuries ranged from minor aches and pains through to serious disc prolapses.

Every one has taught us something new, and this experience has helped us to improve and evolve this system.

Tailored volumes for your requirements

Choose from fundamentals, sport-specific training - or both!

Volume 1: Fundamentals

  • Anatomy and Basic Neck Movement
  • Basic Neck Strength Exercises
  • Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility
  • Basic Neck Routines

Volume 2: Sport-Specific Conditioning

  • An Introduction to Head Harnesses
  • Sport-Specific Exercises for Grapplers
  • Sport-Specific Exercises for Strikers
  • What to Do if You Have a Sore Neck

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  • Clinically-tested, evidence-based coaching

  • Appropriate for all ages, abilities and fighting styles

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  • Full HD (1080p) streaming video with complete control over play, pause and positioning

  • Cast-compatible (subject to available hardware/browser) for large-screen viewing

Take neck strength training to the next level

with our Deluxe and Ultimate Editions

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The Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Neck Strength Masterclass online access + DVD

  • Adapted head harness and band attachments

  • 2x Red (light) and 2x Black (medium) resistance bands

Or go to end range with our Ultimate Edition, which includes additional higher-load resistance bands, a Combat Sports Clinic technical tee, and a 60-minute one-to-one session with Rosi Sexton to discuss the best way to implement the Neck Strength Masterclass for your school, practice or for your own personal benefit!

The Ultimate Edition includes:

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  • 2x Purple (heavy) resistance bands for additional loading options

  • Technical tee to rep the Combat Sports Clinic brand whilst keeping cool in the gym

  • everything in the Deluxe Edition

Meet your Instructor

Founder / Clinical Lead

Rosi Sexton

Rosi Sexton is Combat Sports Clinic's Founder and Clinical Lead. She is a registered osteopath and retired professional Mixed Martial Artist. She holds black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo, and a brown belt in Judo. As well as her work with Combat Sports Clinic Rosi runs Olton Osteopathy in Solihull, and delivers one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars throughout the UK and Europe.

Course Contents

  • 1


    • Companion eBook

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Chapter One - Anatomy and Basic Neck Movement

    • 1.1 Neck Anatomy

    • 1.2 Neck Movement

    • 1.3 Neck Function in Combat Sports

    • 1.4 Neutral Neck Position

  • 3

    Chapter Two - Basic Neck Strength Exercises

    • 2.1 Isometric Neck Exercises: Level 1

    • 2.2 Isometric Neck Exercises: Level 2

    • 2.3 Advanced Isometrics

    • 2.4 Reactive Isometrics + Proprioception

    • 2.5 Isometrics out of Neutral Position

    • 2.6 Working the Deep Neck Flexors

  • 4

    Chapter Three - Upper Back and Shoulder Mobility

    • 3.1 Upper Back Mobility

    • 3.2 Shoulder Mobility

  • 5

    Chapter Four - Basic Neck Routines

    • 4.1 Warm-up Neck Circuit

    • 4.2 Basic Neck Strength circuit

  • 6

    Chapter Five - Introduction to Head Harnesses

    • 5.1 The Problem with Head Harnesses

    • 5.2 Our Modified Head Harness

    • 5.3 Isometrics vs. Bands

    • 5.4 Reactive Isometrics vs. Bands

  • 7

    Chapter Six - Sport-Specific Exercises for Grapplers

    • 6.1 Sport-specific Isometrics

    • 6.2 Hitting the Takedown

    • 6.3 Head Harness Training for Grapplers

    • 6.4 Impact Training

  • 8

    Chapter Seven - Sport-Specific Exercises for Strikers

    • 7.1 Head Harness Training for Strikers, Part 1: Shadow Boxing

    • 7.2 Head Harness Training for Strikers, Part 2: Bag Work

    • 7.3 Head Harness Training for Strikers, Part 3: Pad Work

  • 9

    Chapter Eight - What to Do if You Have a Sore Neck

    • 8. What to Do if You Have a Sore Neck

  • 10

    Chapter Nine - In Summary