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Pariah BJJ has dojos in Solihull, Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick, where 2nd degree BJJ black kelt Kevin Webb and his team provide BJJ and Judo instruction for all ages and levels.

Each month Kevin explores a different area of the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; he brings his unique combination of a quarter-century of martial arts experience, plus his training as an educator, to bear on his lesson planning to deliver clear and concise instruction that students of all levels can follow.

Through his video lessons Kevin is able to go into even greater depth than is possible during his sessions on the mat; the ability to pause, rewind and replay gives the you the essential tools to get best value from his instruction at a pace that suits you.

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Tom Caughey

BJJ Black Belt, Polaris Pro Winner & IBJJF World Bronze Medallist

Pariah is one of the best BJJ clubs that I have attended; the atmosphere is warm, friendly and very welcoming. I have known Kevin for 6 years and his input has been pivotal in my progression. He is diligent, technical and approachable and I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin and Pariah to anyone looking to take up BJJ.

Thomas Grandjean PhD

Judo 3rd Dan Black Blelt & BJJ Black Belt

It is rare to find someone like Kevin who is both a world class black belt and an oustanding coach. Kevin's enthusiasm for BJJ is infectious and his commitment to developping his students is unparalleled, always prioritising his students' needs and carefully tailoring individual advice. Kevin's solid pedagogical methods make the classes very fun and challenging. There is a great team spirit at the club with no politics or BS where both recreational and competitive players thrive. I highly recommend Kevin Webb as a BJJ Instructor.

Sophie Cox PhD

Judo Black Belt & BJJ Blue Belt

Kevin is quite simply a fantastic coach. He has a unique ability to deliver sessions that strike a balance between teaching fundamentals to beginners while simultaneously getting the best out of competitive players. Kevin’s passion for martial arts and to develop people is immediately apparent when you step in the door of his club. I wholeheartedly recommend trying out a session at Pariah BJJ, we look forward to welcoming you!

Penny Marshall

BJJ Brown Belt

Kevin's enthusiasm and passion for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is second to none, he has a great sense of humour that portrays in the way he coaches and the rapport he has with the team. With such a deep level of knowledge that he is always developing, his classes are always full of details for all levels. I have trained with him for over 6 years and would highly recommend him as an instructor.


  • 1

    July 2019: Side Control

    • Introduction

    • 1. Positioning and controlling side control

    • 2. Near side arm breakdown and mounted crucifix

    • 3. Side Triangle

    • 4. Yoko Sangaku and trap arm Kimura

    • 5. Yoko Sangaku to near side Kimura

    • 6. Kimura finishing details

    • 7. Opponent hides near side arm to North/South

    • 8. Separating arms and breaking down the frames

    • 9. Finding entry points for arm attacks

    • 10. Kimura from North/South

    • 11. Countering underhook: escape into kimura trap

    • 12. Countering underhook: escape into Triangle

    • 13. Countering underhook: escape Spiral Armlock

    • 14. Countering running opponent with Kimura Trap to back

    • 15. Countering running opponent with Kimura Trap to hook sweep

    • 16. Countering running opponent with hook lift kneebar

    • Summary

  • 2

    August 2019: Half Guard

    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. Deep Half Guard Variations

    • 03. Underhook and Single-Leg Half Guards

    • 04. 4-Way Free Flow Drill

    • 05. 4-Way Half Guard Drill

    • 06. Basic Underhook Sweep

    • 07. Dogfight (Whizzer) Introduction

    • 08. Underhook Half - Footwork and Dogfight Situation

    • 09. Shelfing the Leg Against the Whizzer

    • 10. Throwing in a Hook Against the Deep Whizzer

    • 11. Drive-Over Finish Against the Whizzer

    • 12. Roll-Through Sweep Against the Whizzer

    • 13. Underhook Knee Twist to Roll-Through Sweep

    • 14. Underhook Knee Twist to Roll-Through Sweep (Pant Grip)

    • 15. Entering in to the Leg Bind Against Heavy Sprawl

    • 16. Limp-Arm Whizzer Escape

    • 17. Hip Clamp Roll-Through Against Whizzer

    • 18. Worst-Case Scenario - Basic Sweep

    • 19. Worst-Case Scenario - Basic Sweep to Underhook

    • 20. Worst-Case Scenario - Basic Sweep to Saddle Heel Hook

    • 21. Opposite Side Rollover Sweep

    • 22. Worst Case Scenario - Recovery to Guard Retention

    • 23. Summary

  • 3

    September 2019: Side Control Escapes

    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. How To Create Effective Frames

    • 03. The Correct Positioning of Frames

    • 04. Escape to Half Guard Then Full Guard

    • 05. Escape to Half Guard Then Full Guard (With Armlock Attack)

    • 06. Escape to Full Guard Using X Hook

    • 07. Turnout Escape from Position 1

    • 08. Armlock Attack from Position 1

    • 09. Position 2 Frames

    • 10. Escaping Arm Wrap in Position 2

    • 11. Armpit Push Escape

    • 12. North South Escape to Full Guard

    • 13. North South Escape Using Spider Guard to Triangle

    • 14. Under-Over North South Escape when Opponent Beats Frames

    • 15. Kuzure Kesa Gatame Escape Using Leg Hook

    • 16. Kuzure Kesa Gatame Escape Using Thumb Block

    • 17. Knee On Belly Escape to Saddle

    • 18. Knee On Belly to 50/50 From Knee Penetration

    • 19. Knee On Belly to 50/50 Direct Entry

    • 20. Knee On Belly Escape to Saddle Knee Cut

    • 21. Knee On Belly Escape to 50/50 Straight Footlock

    • 22. Summary

    • 23. BONUS TECHNIQUE - Spinout Escape from Position 1

  • 4

    October 2019: Reverse De La Riva

    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. RDLR overview + concepts

    • 03. RDLR positioning + transitions

    • 04. Kiss of the Dragon to Crab Ride (coming on top)

    • 05. Kiss of the Dragon to Crab Ride (kick-through)

    • 06. RDLR to X hook

    • 07. X hook to basic sweep

    • 08. X hook to straight footlock variations

    • 09. RDLR to deep Z guard

    • 10. Z guard to technical standup

    • 11. Deep Z with scissor breakdown

    • 12. Tripod sweep

    • 13. Shin sweep

    • 14. Spider guard roll-through sweep

    • 15. Spider guard shin sweep

    • 16. Sit-up guard sweep

    • 17. Sit-up guard - sweep against standup

    • 18. Sit-up guard - Lapel passes

    • 19. Nogi - saddle entry near leg

    • 20. Nogi - saddle entry far leg

    • 21. Nogi - X hook to saddle entry

    • 22. Nogi - Bear trap

    • 23. Nogi - 50/50 series

    • 24. Summary

  • 5

    November 2019: Knee on Belly

    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. KoB Concepts

    • 03. Baseball Bat Choke - introduction

    • 04. BBC 2 - knee slice

    • 05. BBC 3 - little hand trap

    • 06. BBC 4 - escaped little hand

    • 07. Shoulder Flare introduction

    • 08. Shoulder Flare - taking the back

    • 09. Quarter and full jujigatame

    • 10. Wrist Trap series

    • 11. Wrist Trap - North-South BBC

    • 12. Wrist Trap - transition to triangles

    • 13. Triangle series 1

    • 14. Triangle series 2

    • 15. Arm Slice series - back take

    • 16. Arm Slice 2 - bread cutter

    • 17. Arm Slice 3 - BBC

    • 18. Full bridge back take 1

    • 19. Full bridge back take 2

    • 20. Nogi - Wrist Trap - darce choke

    • 21. Nogi - Wrist Trap - North-South choke

    • 22. Summary


2nd degree BJJ black belt

Kevin Webb

Kevin Webb is a 2nd degree black belt under Mauricio Gomes, widely regarded as the godfather of UK BJJ. He runs Solihull BJJ, Warwick BJJ and Pariah Fight Team. Kevin also holds black belts in Taekwondo and Kickboxing, a brown belt in Judo, and instructor qualifications in Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Wrestling and Boxing. Kevin has been an active competitor competing at both national and international level, representing his country both in Gi and No-Gi competition, with his most recent victory being a Gold medal at the 2017 British Open championships.

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