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Rubber Guard For Mortals is the first instrucional course in a partnership between Combat Sports Clinic and 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Birmingham

Rubber guard is an integral and instantly-recognisable part of the 10th Planet system. Eddie Bravo's innovative take on the classical BJJ guard emphasises control of an opponent's arms in order to minimise the risks of strikes in the clinch, and was designed specifically for use in MMA, where the gi is no longer to be found. However, the common assumption is that to play rubber guard, you have to be flexible - until now.

In this exclusive instructional from UK 10th Planet Black Belt Mick Broster, Mick explains how to adapt the entry into the rubber guard system to suit each player's individual flexibility constraints. In this instructional Mick takes us through the Basic Path of Rubber Guard, from Mission Control, Zombie and New York to the Jiu Claw and the Omoplata submission, all the while avoiding unneccessary strain on the knee and ankle joints. He also demonstrates extra variations in Part Two to achieve submissions based on the Gogo Clinch, Perpendicular Jiu Claw and the Hazelett Options.We also get Mick to sit down with our own Rosi Sexton to discuss in more detail the specific considerations around playing rubber guard with reduced flexibility, including stretching, prehab and rehab options for players looking to sustainably incorporate rubber guard into their BJJ game.

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  • Elite-level instruction from the premier UK 10th Planet Black Belt

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  • Appropriate for all ages and abilities

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10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Mick Broster

Mick Broster (Head Coach of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, Birmingham, Redditch & Banbury) is a legend within both MMA & BJJ and is considered to be one of the best practitioners and coaches in the UK today. Some of Mick’s many accomplishments include being the first 10th Planet Black Belt in the UK to be promoted by Eddie Bravo himself. He is also currently the highest graded student/practitioner of BJJ under the 10th Planet system in the UK, so our students will be learning from the very best. Other notable accomplishments of Mick’s include currently holding a Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate as well as still actively competing on MMA circuit himself.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Syllabus

    • Introduction & Syllabus

  • 2

    Part One - Basic Path

    • 1.1 Mission Control: angles to free flexibility + hugging the knee

    • 1.2 Zombie: getting the hand to the mat

    • 1.3 New York + Free New York

    • 1.4 Chill Dog: clearing the head

    • 1.5 Kung Fu Move

    • 1.6 Jiu Claw + Omoplata

  • 3

    Part Two - Options off the Knee Clinch

    • 2.1 Gogo Clinch

    • 2.2 Shitty Variants + Perpendicular Jiu Claw

    • 2.3 Hazelett Options

  • 4


    • Stretching Tips

    • Rosi Sexton: Thoughts on Rubber Guard anatomy and biomechanics

  • 5

    Credits (Mick Broster Tap Montage)

    • Mick Broster Tap Montage

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